Ohio Republican Delegate Signup

The Filing Deadline has passed.

All entries were immediately forwarded to the appropriate candidate campaigns as you signed up.   The feedback we were getting from the campaigns is that all were able to vet and file their Delegates on time.

We’ve received sincere Thank You from most of the campaigns for the assistance we were able to provide.  All the campaigns were impressed with how well Ohios conservatives are united and stepped up to assist them when the Ohio Republican Party offered very little assistance.

Thank you everyone.

Over the past few days, you may have seen numerous e-mails and communications from various conservative leaders around Ohio assisting  Presidential candidates in their search for delegates.

In order to assist these candidates,  we provided this site for Ohio Republicans to signup to be convention delegates.  We will forward all entries to the appropriate presidential campaign if that campaign has contacted us.

STEP 1:      CLICK HERE to verify your name and US House district. Your district is listed in the  “USH” column..

STEP 2:      Then complete the contact form shown below.  We will immediately forward all contact to the campaign representatives.

NOTE – You can only sign up as a delegate for one candidate

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